Sharepoint Tools Overview for Windows 2008 and Visual Studio 2008

I used to use a couple of tools in WSS/MOSS development which covered 90% of all functionality. These tools are

Sharepoint Spy

WSS Extensions for Visual Studio 2005

but when I switched on Windows 2008 Server + Visual Studio 2008 I noted that these tools are not supported there. Sharepoint Spy can”t be installed on Windows 2008 (actually I can, but u need to use ORCA and change MSI); WSS Extensions works with VS 2005 only, and you can”t use them with TFS builds.

Well… there is another reality, where you can survive without these tools :,,)

There I”d like to post the list of other tools which help you to substitute the Sharepoint Spy and WSS Extensions

Imtech Fields Explorer

Imtech StsAdm Commands to export List definitions

Sharepoint Inspector to browse your SharePoint 2007 farm

Sharepoint Logging Spy to allow real time diagnostics of multiple servers

SharePoint Visual Studio Project and Deployment Templates to package SharePoint solution properly for deployment

Visual Studio SharePoint Project Utility Tool Window to customize Sharepoint content creation


I welcome if you post in comments other tools which help you in Sharepoint development, deployment and debugging

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  1. Steve Clements Said,

    May 29, 2008@ 5:38 pm      Reply

    Hi, Nice list, I am new to Sharepoint dev and have been using VS 2008 since it came out and I aint going back to 2005 just for SP. I have been seriously peed off by the lack of support for tools in VS2008 from MS. Your list sweetens the taste a little.


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