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ASP.NET Theme across all pages with XMLHttpRequest calls

ASP.NET Themes is very powerful feature, but some limitations exist when you are trying to apply Themes dynamically. For the single page the way to apply theme is to use Page.Theme = “<themeName>”; inside  the OnPreInit event, but if you try to apply theme for all pages across your site you have two solutions: add […]

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Moving ASP.NET to SharePoint

In these days SharePoint become more and more popular. There are number of web project which starts directly in SharePoint, but however a lot of project remains out the SharePoint scope, and exists as pure ASP.NET application. The one of the common task of migrating ASP.NET application to SharePoint is changing the site landing page […]

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2008 MVP Award

Hurray, got the 2008 MVP Award today! They re-awarded me again, since year 2005 in [.NET/C#] area for my achievements in “online consulting” ;,,) But this year I’m Australian MVP!   Thinking about changing the area and become SharePoint MVP in the next year 🙂   Mirror: 2008 MVP Award