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SharePoint Mirroring

There are number of posts and documents about how to setup mirroring of SharePoint content DB, but when I started my mirroring I stumbled over number issues, which I probably missed in documentation and which took some of my time to find out what was wrong. So in this post I’d like summarize all important […]

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Starting SharePoint solution and planning your documentation

When a new SharePoint project is about to start I use the following steps to design and plan solution Creating Vision/Scope Site structure and Navigation Use Case Scenarios Data Flow scenario (create the infomation “map”  – where it locates and how it”s used. Usually you either consume or produce information from/to 3rd party sources – […]

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MS officially supports SharePoint virtualized environment

Today @jthake posted info about the recent announcement from Microsoft that they finally started to support “Virtualized SharePoint environment” for Virtual PC vmWare Win2k8 hyper-v What does it mean for end-users, developers or IT guys?! Nothing. It mostly the question of taking the official decision for managers, what and where will be deployed. Because in […]


Missed “Edit in Datasheet” in SharePoint 2007

Today they asked about where is my “Edit in Datasheet” item in SharePoint 2007 library ?! Well.. the point why you can’t see this item in library toolbar is that you don’t have Office 2007 installed on client that access SharePoint server. But what if you don’t want to install ALL Office package, because you have […]

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SharePoint 2007 migration tips

2011-01-24 08:25:30

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Farewell to TechEd 2008, Sydney

Teched 2008 in Sydney finished. It were amazing 4 days of intensive sessions and parties afterwards.  I attended mostly all SharePoint session about infrastructure, governance and architecture, BizTalk sessions and ASP.NET MVC and LINQ session. The overall impression is high. Not all session were as good as I expected, but SharePoint once where just awesome […]


Attending TechEd, Australia

Going to attend the following TechEd sessions   Mirror:


SharePoint Infrastructure Update (WSS/MOSS) and exception with “Blocked file types” page

After installing SharePoint 2008 (WSS/MOSS) Infrastructure Update from July 2008 you may find that “Blocked file types” page is broken (Central Administration –> Operations –> Blocked file types). Albeit it worked before, 10 mins ago, but now you end up with the following exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   at […]