Live Services Jump Start [Day 1]

In these days I’m on Live Services Jump Start Event. It’s one of the best events I’ve been since TechEd – Neil and James did fantastic presentations.

Overview of Live Services, Day1

1. WL Delegation, WL Authentication, WL Contacts

You can grant permissions to your contact’s info and consume user’s info via Contacts API and Contacts Schema

2. WL Messenger Library – really powerful library to integrate Messenger into your site. a lot of advantages from standard WL IM Control

3. Live Earth and PhotoSynth are the same team. Awaiting the next release of VE SDK with Photosyth support


PS: One of the MVP colleagues, Craig just posted his description of the day1 there (You can see my back with laptop on the secord row, righ side) ;,,)

PPS: Wanna get realtime news tomorrow?! Follow #lsjs hashtag in twitter. Several guys twitting each 5 mins about news


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