Live Services Jump Start [Day 2]

Day 2 of “Life Services Jump Start” was all about Live Framework – deep dive, how to prepare your environment, how to develop and deploy Live Meshed apps inside Azure.  Day was full of technical stuff.

Couple of notes for those, like me, who are thinking to develop and deploy your Life Mesh Apps tomorrow.

  1. Live Framework is still conceptual, no commitments that it will be the same in the release.
  2. It still doesn’t have GoLIVE licence and won’t have till Q2 2009. So, take this into account, because a lot things could be changed
  3. It’s still have a lot of limitations in terms of performance
  4. Live Framework is Tech Preview in these days
  5. Don’t mess Live Framework with you are probably might be using now, it’s slightly different
  6. Live Framework client is not compatible with Live Mesh client at this moment. It means that you need either uninstall Live Mesh client, or don’t use “local” capability of Live Framework and test your apps via online desktop. More details in this discussion I started
  7. Limitation in corporate usage

But, regardless all those limitations I still will be working in these area, because it gives fantastic opportunities as a platform

If you never used Live Framework before – go to and to start developing right now.


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