SharePoint Tip #1. Do you know “what happens behind the scene when you create new Web App?”

When SharePoint creates a Web application the following actions happening behind the scene:

Web Ste:

  • Creates a unique entry in SharePoint configuration DB for the Web App and assign GUID to that entry;
  • Create and configures a Web application in IIS;
  • Creates a root folder to store the Web application pages and associated resources;
  • Creates and configures an IIS application pool;
  • Configures authentication protocol and encryption settings;
  • Assign a Default alternate access mapping for the Web app;
  • Creates the first content database for the Web application;
  • Associate a search service with the Web application;
  • Assign a name to the Web application that appears in the Web application list in SharePoint Central Administration;
  • Assign general settings to the Web application, such as maximum file upload size and default time zone;

Site Collection:

  • Creates the top-level site based on a site definition;
  • Sets general properties for the site, such as the site title and site owner;



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