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SharePoint Tip #17. Do you know “why to measure network latency of SharePoint Farm”?

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SharePoint Tip #16. Do you know “how to get the SharePoint version programmatically”?

The administrative way of getting SharePoint version is navigating to “Central Administration > Operations > Servers in Farm”. But what if you need to get version programmatically?! It might be that your feature relies on the specific version, lets say SharePoint SP1 + Infrastructure Update installed, and you need to check version of the SharePoint […]

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SharePoint Tip #15. Do you know “that users in SharePoint groups affect crawling performance”?

Adding users explicitly to SharePoint Groups, instead of adding AD security groups affects how crawling performs. If you add/remove users from the SharePoint group it will force search to crawl content – "Security only crawl". Incremental crawl starts to update security changes, and all “Updated ACL’s” must be pushed down to all affected items within […]

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Speaking: “Best Practices of SharePoint Farm Deployment”

This month I’m reading my first SharePoint presentation in Sydney (Australia), so I welcome NSW ppl to come to listen to me and to criticize a bit :,,) I’m planning to run about 3 presentations of “best practices” for SharePoint infrastructure and Development, so this one starts with the basis of how to create the […]


SharePoint Tip #14. Do you know “how fast profiles are imported”?

Have you ever tried to import User Profiles? It’s a bit slow process. A lot of stuff is created in background. For the large farm, when you need to import a lot of profiles plan enough time for this. Profile database import takes roughly an hour for every 200 profiles   Have anything to add?! […]


SharePoint Tip #13. Do you know “that people picker selects disable account by default”?

People Picker is a nice feature of SharePoint which allows search for a user/group when assigning permissions for example. But it has one issue, selecting accounts and groups which are “disabled” by default. To do this you need to apply LDAP filters via STSADM command stsadm -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter -url ">">http://<site> –pv (!userAccountControl=514) Source […]

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SharePoint Tip #11. Do you know “difference in disconnected solutions for SharePoint”?

There are several ways to build disconnected systems based on SharePoint. But all of them have pros and cons. The following table shows what each of disconnected scenarios supports.   Feature File System Outlook 2007 Groove 2007 Access 2007 Offline documents Yes Yes Yes No Offline Lists No Yes No Yes More then one document […]

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Protected: SharePoint Tip #12. Do you know “that you can reset app pool instead of IIS to clean the cache”?

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SharePoint Tip #10. Do you know “how to delete [Title] column from List Library”?

There are several standard columns, like "Title" and etc, which can”t be delete from lists.  The workaround for this in creating the custom content type list and hiding the "title" column there. Step-by-Step instructions described there:   Have anything to add?! Send your tips to be published via this form


SharePoint Tip #9. Do you know “when server name is used in account pattern of a new web application”?

When you are configuring a new application pool and assigning the user account, you need to specify just the <username> for the ApplicationPoolUserName field only if SharePoint is the part of workgroup. In case of SharePoint as the part of Active Directory, you need to use <server><username> pattern.   Have anything to add?! Send your […]


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