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SharePoint Tip #28. Do you know “that Limited Access permission used to traverse access to items”?

SharePoint provides different levels of permissions, from the “Full Access” to “Limited Access”. Last one is not documented clearly and designed to cover some side-effects of item’s hierarchy. Cite from “Permission levels and permissions” article: “The Limited Access permission level is designed to be combined with fine-grained permissions to give users access to a specific […]

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STSADM MergeContentDB possible database corruption

2011-01-24 08:38:26


SharePoint CMS joke

Today I’ve seen a joke in twitter regarding SharePoint CMS, which made my day. Can’t stand not to share “Working with the SharePoint CMS is like eating sushi with oars instead of chopsticks.” Thanks


SharePoint Tip #27. Do you know “How to make Web Part zone WCAG compliant”?

SharePoint provides you a nice ASP.NET model of Web Parts functionality. But when we are building the internet faced public sites and trying to apply Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) on Web Part Zones it come back and bite us. The major problem is that Web Part zone is not WCAG compliant. There are several […]

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10 new SharePoint Templates

Microsoft just released 10 new SharePoint template for your sites Detailed info: Download:


SharePoint Tip #26. Do you know “How to create Central Administration feature”?

Sometimes you are developing some serviced or administrative application for SharePoint and what to have feature on the level of Central Administration. Something like “SharePoint Administrative Toolkit” To achieve such level activation you need to add additional attributes to your feauture definition AutoActivateInCentralAdmin= “TRUE” Hidden=”TRUE” You can set the same settings programmatically, using SPFeatureDefinition.AutoActivateInCentralAdmin property […]


SharePoint Tip #25. Do you know “How to calculate Content DB grow”?

SharePoint content databases grow very rapidly when used in document imaging system or in file share replacement scenarios. With this in mind it is important to consider growth and overhead factors when determining how much content will eventually be stored in a given content database. Use the following formula to calculate Content DB size. Low:  […]


Joel’s SharePoint Backup and Restore Q&A

Joel published Q&A section from his Backup/Restore WebCast, which I recommend to read there.  The most important things from that webcast and Q&A are: SQL Cluster does not work in a VMWare Environment. Will be working in future versions of vmWare. SQL Replication is not supported to synchronize databases in SharePoint, albeit some vendors have […]

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SharePoint Tip #24. Do you know “How do I tune the MOSS Object Cache for performance”?

Steve Sheppard published nice recommendation regarding optimizing the MOSS Cache performance and how to measure the performance. Citing the tips section from his post We feel this level of cache performance will meet an economical customers performance needs without unduly sacrificing their limited memory resources. The steps to achieve this are fairly straightforward and must […]


SharePoint Tip #23. Do you know “how to make MOSS sites rendered correctly in IE8”?

Some Web sites may not be displayed correctly or work correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8. There is a KB956197 on Mictosoft site, explaining this problem. This issue affects the MOSS sites to be rendered fine. The good thing of this that it’s very small fix to apply on the master page to have your […]

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