Joel’s SharePoint Backup and Restore Q&A

Joel published Q&A section from his Backup/Restore WebCast, which I recommend to read there.  The most important things from that webcast and Q&A are:

  1. SQL Cluster does not work in a VMWare Environment. Will be working in future versions of vmWare.
  2. SQL Replication is not supported to synchronize databases in SharePoint, albeit some vendors have “replication” solutions, like Infonic and Synergy.
  3. Microsoft doesn’t support replica for SharePoint database synchronizations.
  4. vmWare clone is good for recovery & snapshot is for backups.
  5. The easiest way to restore a site is with Quest Recovery Manager.
  6. Avoid shrinking the transaction log whenever possible.
  7. Quest Recovery Manager does recovery only, not backups.
  8. STSADM does NOT export/import lists. Need to use Quest Recovery Manager, object model such as content migration API, or STSADM extensions.


  1. shah ali ( Said,

    July 20, 2009@ 3:06 pm      Reply

    Hi Joel- very impressive blog.

    About backup, say I have a 3 server farm (2 WFEs and dbserver) and I take a vmware snapshot of the WFEs to use as a backup
    There will be a time difference (very little maybe) between 2 snapshots of the WFEs.Wouldn”t reverting back to those snapshots make the 2 WFEs out of sync with each other and the database server?
    What do you think?


  2. laflour Said,

    July 20, 2009@ 5:25 pm      Reply

    Nope, there is no issues with WFE sync, because it gets all data from database and nothing will be lost.
    WFE doesn”t store data and nothing to lose.

    There is a small issue with snapshots of database server – becase DB can be unsyncronized between snapshots

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