SharePoint Tip #24. Do you know “How do I tune the MOSS Object Cache for performance”?

Steve Sheppard published nice recommendation regarding optimizing the MOSS Cache performance and how to measure the performance.

Citing the tips section from his post

We feel this level of cache performance will meet an economical customers performance needs without unduly sacrificing their limited memory resources. The steps to achieve this are fairly straightforward and must be applied in an iterative fashion until the desired level of performance is achieved. The recommended steps are:

  1. Start with the default cache settings of 100MB on the site collection.
  2. Capture at least 8 hours worth of performance data from the WFEs while the system is under a typical load using the "SharePoint Publishing Cache/Total number of cache compactions" counter. Since we are interested in tracking compactions per hour it is acceptable to  capture this data at 1 minute intervals.
  3. After analysis of the data, if we are exceeding the threshold for acceptable cache compactions we will need to add an additional 50MB to the Maximum Cache Size value and run the test again.
  4. We should continue this process until such time as we have achieved an acceptable cache compaction rate.


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