Connect to database directly without BDC

Lightning Tools released the Web Part, which allows you to connect to database directly, without using BDC. Having direct access to tables, stored procedures is that functionality with WSS and MOSS Standard didn’t have and a lot client suffered from that, developed their own solutions.

Now LT Data Viewer Web Part provides you all necessary information

The Lightning Tools Data Viewer Web Part can save you time and money as it stops the need for developers to write custom code and allows your end users to easily display and format the data they need to see.

The LTDVWP provides the following benefits:

1. No need for SharePoint Designer.  The LTDVWP is configured within the browser.
2. Allows for Integrated Security or provided Username and Password
3. Allows for connection to SQL, Oracle and Access (accdb & mdb) via the configuration of properties.  (No need for Connection Strings)
4. Connect directly to Tables/Views and Stored Procedures
5. Supports Aggregate Functions such as Count, Min, Max, and Sum
6. Allows for Conditional Formatting on Cells or Rows
7. Filtering of data
8. Caching of Data
9. Update, Delete, and Insertion of Data
10. Web Part Connections

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