SharePoint SP2 and SPDatabaseGbwSequence error is caused by free SharePoint templates

In these days, after Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for the WSS and MOSS (SharePoint 2007 SP2) I”ve seen number of issues when people tried to update their environment to SP2. There are no issues when you update clean environment, but for customized application there are few things you should be aware about. 

I’ve seen number of the following exceptions like this one 

[SPDatabaseGbwSequence] [ERROR] Upgrade object too new (build version =, schema version = Current server (build version =, schema version =

when they installed SP2 and run Configuration Wizard.

This error tells you nothing what relates to the actual problem. You could think that you installed any hotfixes that changed your database schema or content database might be not in right state. I had the same thoughts but this didn”t help at all.

The root of the problem lies in other side. 

Investigating this issue I found that free SharePoint template from Microsoft cause you such issue, especially GroupBoard one. If you have this template installed – that”s the problem, because it interacts with the database schema and doesn”t allow SharePoint SP2 to be installed.


  1. Uninstall GroupBoard template
  2. Install SharePoint SP2
  3. Install GroupBoard template.
It”s a funny thing, that this issue was originally described in German TechNet article – scroll to the very bottom and you will find that exception and description. But this didn”t propagated to the english version (switch to eglish version on the top of the page, and you can”t find this error)




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  1. Tony Said,

    May 19, 2009@ 8:12 am      Reply

    This also existed in applying Sp1 for me.

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