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SharePoint Tip #34. Do you know “how to get the list of check-out files”?!

SharePoint provides OOTB support for document versioning, allowing user to check-in/check-out files, and keep history of changed documents. But unfortunately, versioning system doesn”t provide inbuilt method to find these all check-out items made by users. For some administrative task and farm maintenance it”s recommended to have all files to be check-in before making changes. And […]

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Protected: ASP.NET 4.0 Beta1 – What’s new in System.Web.dll. Assembly outlook [whitepaper]

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SharePoint Tip #33. Do you know “why drag-and-drop might be disabled in Explorer View”?!

Historically, SharePoint 2007 provides a nice feature called Explorer View (came from 2003 version) that simplifies document management – like upload, delete, and copy items across different Document library, using drag-and-drop feature. There is a document, called “Understanding and Troubleshooting the SharePoint Explorer View” that describes the most common issues of why Explorer View might […]

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SharePoint Templates for CodeSmith tool

Are you a big fun of CodeSmith tool?! If yes, then you will find the blog post from Waldek Mastykarz very attractive, because we is offering a set of CodeSmith templates to automate some coding stuff for SharePoint. The following templates are available for download: Generates the ContentTypeBinding element for the given Content Type and […]


SharePoint Tip #32. Do you know “which identity is used when you deploy WorkFlow from Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer”?

SharePoint provides you two approaches to design and deploy WorkFlows – via SharePoint Designer(SPD) and using Visual Studio. But you should be aware that deployment of WorkFlows has some differences in the security model that might cause you permissions issues. SharePoint has its own security model to resolve the user”s windows identity for all activities. It […]

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