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Zoho for SharePoint or Office replacement

2011-01-24 08:44:04


Protected: New place for “SharePoint Tips and Tricks”

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Part 2 article incident explanations (“SharePoint Farm Deployment and Configuration” series)

As you might already know, couple of weeks ago I published series of articles “SharePoint Farm Deployment and Configuration” in SharePoint Magazine (6 articles). Everything was fine with all articles except the “Part 2” that shacked the SharePoint community and caused uproar:,,) In this post I’d like to say my sorry for that incident and […]


SharePoint Tip #41. Do you know “how to find the site definition being used for a site”?!

Sometimes you have a already created site but wanted to know the site definition of that site, or gets the name of the site definition from which the site template that was used to create the site is derived. There are several steps to get that template Navigate to the “Central Administration –> Application Management […]

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SharePoint Tip #40. Do you know “how to change the timer settings of SharePoint Job”?

2011-01-24 08:43:11


SharePoint Tip #39. Do you know “how to measure performance of virtualized environment”?

Virtualizied environment is very common for SharePoint farm. One of the most important factor of such farms is optimization that differs slightly from optimization of the physical environment . But firstly, we need to know how good our farm operates, measuring different parameters, before trying optimized it. Consider to use use the following performance counters […]


SharePoint #Tip 38. Do you know “how to register a site template for a SITE”?!

SharePoint Site Template has one very handy feature – it can be registered inside a Site or you can restrict certain sites to use only certain templates. It’s obvious how to do this for site collection, because UI provides you specific links, but it’s a bit tricky to assign templates for a Site, so do […]


Protected: SharePoint Tip #37. Do you know “why you can’t save publishing site as template” ?

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SharePoint Tip #36. Do you know “a cause of HTTP 400 Bad Request error when login to site” ?

Sometimes, you may find that you get “HTTP 400 Bad Request” error, or “HTTP 401.1 – Unauthorized: Logon Failed” error when navigate to local SharePoint sites and asked for credentials tree times. This mostly happens for Web sites that use Integrated Authentication and have a name that is mapped to the local loopback address. More […]

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“SharePoint Farm configuration and deployment” articles have been published

My 6 series of “SharePoint Farm configuring and deployment” article has been published in SharePoint Magazine. Part 1 – Architecture and Logical Planning Part 2 – Installation (ignore article comments, because draft version was published accidentally). Part 3 – Development Environment Part 4 – Backup and Recovery Strategy Part 5 – Virtualization Part 6 – […]

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