SharePoint Tip #40. Do you know “how to change the timer settings of SharePoint Job”?

Almost all changes that developers and administrators introduce to SharePoint are completed via “jobs” mechanism of SharePoint (Central Administration –> Operations –> Timer Job Definitions). Your changes are queued and SharePoint complete them when “job” time comes.  It might be a bit frustrating, because all jobs have different timing and SharePoint doesn’t provide you UI to change when jobs start.

The only way to change when job starts is using STSADM – ether running all jobs immediately, or rescheduling number of jobs to start earlier. Unfortunately, you can’t start/stop specific job.

Start Job Immediately

STSADM provides you command to restart all jobs immediately. In can be useful when you script your actions and want some actions to be run in the specific order. Use the following command for this

stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs

Take into account that without this command you can’t guarantee that something is completed before you start another command, because all commands run asynchronously.

Jobs re-scheduling

You can change the interval when some job starts, using in the following format “[Time frame] [Interval] between [value] and [value]”, where internals samples are: "every 10 minutes between 0 and 59", "hourly between 0 and 59", "daily at 21:00:00"

Use stsadm |find “schedule” to get the list of the jobs to reschedule, and use the following command

stsadm -o <job> -schedule "<interval>"



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