Part 2 article incident explanations (“SharePoint Farm Deployment and Configuration” series)

As you might already know, couple of weeks ago I published series of articles “SharePoint Farm Deployment and Configuration” in SharePoint Magazine (6 articles). Everything was fine with all articles except the “Part 2” that shacked the SharePoint community and caused uproar:,,)

In this post I’d like to say my sorry for that incident and explained in details what exactly happened.

There are 6 articles I started to write in the end of 2008 and they were queued in March 2009 for publishing. After that articles were reviewed by several guys, changed and published in June 2009. Unfortunately, the “part 2” was not updated since December 2008, and that very early draft version was published accidently 🙁 That version was a bit messy – a lot of copy-pasting issues with the wrong section titles, wrong references, and some stuff were not elaborated properly.  And it’s when discussion started 🙂 Let’s say people where really surprised to read that bullshit.

Unfortunately, I had limited internet access at those days and everything I saw were comments that I got by email. I was a bit confused by people reaction, because I had no idea that wrong articles had been published. In a couple of days that “draft-version” mistake was noted and fixed by uploading the right version of article.

This is happened only to the Part 2, but not to others five articles in that series


The learned lesson is that you need to be double careful when publish articles, and be online in the next couple of days after articles been published.

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