Zoho for SharePoint or Office replacement

Zoho.com has been provided the most comprehensive suite Productivity, Collaboration and Business online tools last 3 years. I started using Zoho from year 2007 and was impressed by the features they provided. I switched to Zoho to do all my publishing work there – articles, presentations, notes.

But that is not all. Zoho has really really killing feature – integration. You can integrate Zoho with Microsoft Office and other applications, that allows you to use Word, Excel locally, but collaborate via Zoho servers. Really great stuff.

Couple of weeks ago Zoho released “Zoho for SharePoint” feature, that allows you to use Zoho directly from SharePoint – you can edit document libraries in Zoho, or create new documents via Zoho that will be uploaded to libraries automatically and etc. This is really powerful feature when you don”t have Offlice client application installed, or you have collaborative site, when uses work on document together.

Just check screencast on their site for quick overview of all functionality http://www.zoho.com/sharepoint/

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