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Resources for Planning and Developing Taxonomies

The following references may prove useful in planning and developing your Web site taxonomy:


How SharePoint Farm size impacts on planning and support

When you start new SharePoint project it”s very important to understand the size of a farm you are planning to end up, because it impacts on : SharePoint farm topology SQL Server hardware  Staff needs Capacity planning SharePoint Farm Topology size There are 3 farms topologies, you choose between – Small, Medium and Large. Your farm topology […]


SharePoint Checklists

Last year I published the list of documents I use to start SharePoint projects, and I got number of questions regarding checklists and guidance after that. There are few resources, describing checklists that are really good: Capability Checklist for Successful SharePoint Office SharePoint Server 2007 deployment guide and checklists  My checklist for optimizing SharePoint sites […]


The Services of the 2007 Microsoft Office System

In these days I”m working with OBA for SharePoint, and was looking through different materials, trying to find the necessary information. In one of the OBA books I stumble over the very interesting diagram, that I decided to post here. I found it really useful, because it categorize the services by logical view. This diagram […]

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