Cascaded Master-Details lookup that just WORKS!

Last several days I tried to find the solution that allows me to use “master-detail” field relationship based on the lookups. There are ton’s of controls for this, but I hardly found one that works for the lookup fields in the master list.


You have the master list of company’s projects and master list [Projects] of all possible projects’ stages [Stages]. For each new project you create the [Team Project] list where you JOIN the project with the stages from master lists, using lookup column.

Now, you need to create the [Team Staff] list, where you want to assign users to the different sections of your team projects in [Team Projects] list.

For example, we have the following structure of [Team Project] list

Project Name Section
Build SharePoint Site Gather Requirements; Deploy Farm; Configure Farm
Develop custom feature Write code; Test Feature

You want to assign users to the specific sections, so, for example “John” is responsible for the “Deploy Farm” only in the “Build SharePoint site” project and “Mary” is responsible for “test feature” stuff in another project.

It’s easy to achieve if you use master lists, but not the parent list with lookups that aggregates all values for you and you need assign users for the subset only.

After inspecting number of commercial and free tools the only working component I found is “SharePoint Cascading Drop Down List”. It’s very amazing how it works. Check the following blog, describing how to configure the list correctly Take into account that their sample is based on several master lists, but you can achieve the same for the aggregated list, as I described before ([Team Projects]),where you use “ProjectName” as parent field,and “Sections” for the child.

Works as a charm! Really amazing work.

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  1. Mike Collins Said,

    April 20, 2010@ 4:53 am      Reply

    Check out the product from Infowise, it works great!

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