Sample of SharePoint Upgrade Action Plan

Today I was reviewing some of SharePoint Upgrade documents and researched this subject browsing for the available resources, when I found one quite interesting document that describes the installation and configuration steps.

It was posted by Yasir Attiq originally (you can find the actual MPP file there) Posting the content here, because people are asking me about such plan time to time. The most interesting part is that those guys are planning 8-12 hours on all tasks :,,)


Task Name
SharePoint Upgrade & EPM Deployment
   Take a full Machine Image for Full Backup of SharPoint Box
   Review Software Availablility
   Review Available Hardware
   Obtain DNS Entries
   Take Full SharePoint Backup of Existing Envioronment
   Take Content DB SQL Backup
   Uninstall SharePoint from Current Machine
   Detach Current SharePoint Databases
   Move Database to Different Folders
   Prepare Machine 1
      ASP.NET 2.0
      ASP.NET 3.0
      Install Arabic Lanaguge Support
      Install MOSS 2007
      Install Microsoft Project Server 2007
      Install Language Pack
      Install Service Pack 1 of Office Servers
      Install Language Pack 1
      Install WSS Infrastructure Updates
      Install MOSS Infrastrcuture Updates
      Install SKELTA Workflow Engine
   Prepare Machine 2 (similar to Machine 1)
   Prepare Machine 3 (similar to Machine 1)
      Machine 1
         Run Configuaration Wizard on Machine 1
         Start Excel Services Service
      Machine 2
         Run Configuaration Wizard
         Connect to SharePoin tFarm
         Start Windows SharePoint Search Service
         Start MOSS Search Service
      Machine 3
         Run Configuaration Wizard
         Stop Windows SharePoint Services Service
         Connect to SharePoin tFarm
         Start Project Application Service
      Go back to Machine 1 and Login to Central Administration
         Create SSP Admin Web Application on Port 2222
         Restore OLD Content DB on SQL Server
         Create Web Application using Restored DB on Port 80
         Create New SSP
            Select 2222 as Admin Site
            Select SharePoint 80 as MySite Place
         Configure Outgoing Email Settings
         Configure Incomming Email Settings
         Configure Search Settings
         Configure Usage Analysis Services
         Configure Profile Import
         Configure Excel Services
         Configure SKELTA
      Project Server 2007 Configuration
         Configure Project Web Access Site
         Import Enterprise Resources
         Configure SQL Analysis Services
         Configure Administration Options of Project Web Access
      Test Portal Web Site using a Domain Account
      Test New PWA Site using a Domain Account
      Test Incomming and Outgoing Settings
      Test Content and People Search
      Run Windows Update on All Machines
      UAT and Signoff
   Rollback Procedure
      Restore the Norton Ghost Image of SharePoint Box
      Remove all New Database and Attach the old databases
      Test the Site and Fix any issues
      Importing Tasks from Portal to PWA
      Project Server Basic Introduction
      Creating Projects and Tasks
      Task Updates and Approval
      Publishing Projects
      Project Server Role Definition
   Project Complete


  1. Jerry Said,

    December 28, 2009@ 1:55 pm      Reply


    Thanks for posting this. You would be amazed to know that we managed to finished the project in exactly 8 Hours. 🙂

    Yasir Attiq AKA Jerry

  2. Parthi Said,

    December 13, 2010@ 5:25 pm      Reply

    Hi, I am working on a Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 upgrade project. I am planning the activities for the upgrade. Can you please share the Sample Project plan for the Sharepoint 2010 upgrade – thanks

    Mail id:

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