SharePoint Governance Plan Template

Microsoft released the governance planning for SharePoint 2010 recently. The detailed information is published there

The sample template for Governance Planning outlining is the following

SECTION 1: General Governance Guidelines

  1. Governance Plan Objective
  2. Vision Statement
  3. General Guidelines
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Guiding Principles

SECTION 2: Detailed Governance Policies and Standards

  1. Content Management Policies and Standards
    • Posting Content to Existing Pages or Sites
    • Posting Content to the Home Page
    • Posting Content to Personal Pages
    • Social Tags and Ratings
    • Records Retention
    • Content Auditing and Review
  2. Design Policies and Standards
    • Creating New Subsites
    • Page Layout and Organization
    • Content Types and Metadata
    • Content-Specific Guidelines/Policies
    • Security
    • Branding
  3. Customization Policies and Standards
    • Browser-based updates
    • Updates based on SharePoint Designer
    • Sandboxed Solutions
    • Centrally-deployed / 3rd Party Solutions


  1. zee Said,

    September 11, 2010@ 2:53 pm      Reply

    Good info

  2. bh Said,

    October 5, 2010@ 3:12 am      Reply

    good work…
    can you please tell me how to allow anonymous users to submit comments which are visible only when approved by the web administrator?

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