SharePoint Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SharePoint 2010 Planning guide contains a good sample of SharePoint SLA

Establish service-level agreements for each service level. A service-level agreement should include the following items at a minimum:

  1. The length of time and approvals that are necessary to create a site (What”s the process to create a site? Who”s involved?)
  2. Information about the costs for the service to users or departments (Who gets charged, and for what?)
  3. Operational-level agreements that specify the teams that perform operations and the frequency (Which team applies updates? Which team performs backups? How frequently do these occur?)
  4. Policies about problem resolution through a help desk (When a user gets stuck, who do they call? What”s the escalation path?)
  5. Negotiated performance targets for the first load of a site, subsequent loads, and performance at remote locations (Recovery, load balancing, and failover strategies)
  6. Customization policies for the service
  7. Storage limits for content and sites
  8. Multi-language support (Which languages will be installed and supported?)


  1. Sample Agreements Said,

    December 16, 2010@ 11:46 am      Reply

    the best advantage of share point is it can be used by faculty and staff.


  2. Ravikiran Bethi - wss license details required Said,

    December 22, 2010@ 4:47 pm      Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Actually am planning to do sharepoint freelancing. Mainly my focus is to hit the Education Market. Currently these colleges/University are using static websites which are developed using basic HTML & javascript and somewhere using PHP.

    I want to develop these kind of websites using WSS which is free version from Microsoft.

    My Question is, to host above kind of (HTML static) websites we have several hosting providers. But is there any kind of licenses required if i develop the same applications using WSS.
    If YES please suggest what are they, so that i can suggest the same to my clients.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Ravikiran Bethi.

  3. Michael Said,

    December 22, 2010@ 9:25 pm      Reply

    WSS/SharePoint Foundation is free, thus licensing is not required. However you won”t have a full functionality of SharePoint Server and 3-rd party tools still needs to be licensed. Moreover you need a license for SQL Server and Office

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