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Use the right data for SharePoint testing

2011-01-24 08:49:02


SharePoint Tip #39. Do you know “how to measure performance of virtualized environment”?

Virtualizied environment is very common for SharePoint farm. One of the most important factor of such farms is optimization that differs slightly from optimization of the physical environment . But firstly, we need to know how good our farm operates, measuring different parameters, before trying optimized it. Consider to use use the following performance counters […]


SharePoint Tip #29. Do you know “why to split large collaboration site between different site collections”?

2011-01-24 08:38:54


SharePoint Tip #25. Do you know “How to calculate Content DB grow”?

SharePoint content databases grow very rapidly when used in document imaging system or in file share replacement scenarios. With this in mind it is important to consider growth and overhead factors when determining how much content will eventually be stored in a given content database. Use the following formula to calculate Content DB size. Low:  […]


SharePoint Tip #24. Do you know “How do I tune the MOSS Object Cache for performance”?

Steve Sheppard published nice recommendation regarding optimizing the MOSS Cache performance and how to measure the performance. Citing the tips section from his post We feel this level of cache performance will meet an economical customers performance needs without unduly sacrificing their limited memory resources. The steps to achieve this are fairly straightforward and must […]


SharePoint Tip #22. Do you know “how to manage large list performance”?

When a list or library has a large number of items, you must carefully plan its organization and how users need to access the data to help preventing adverse effects on performance. For best performance, do not exceed 2,000 items in a list level. For example, the root of the list or a single folder. […]

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