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SharePoint Tip #34. Do you know “how to get the list of check-out files”?!

SharePoint provides OOTB support for document versioning, allowing user to check-in/check-out files, and keep history of changed documents. But unfortunately, versioning system doesn”t provide inbuilt method to find these all check-out items made by users. For some administrative task and farm maintenance it”s recommended to have all files to be check-in before making changes. And […]

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SharePoint Templates for CodeSmith tool

Are you a big fun of CodeSmith tool?! If yes, then you will find the blog post from Waldek Mastykarz very attractive, because we is offering a set of CodeSmith templates to automate some coding stuff for SharePoint. The following templates are available for download: Generates the ContentTypeBinding element for the given Content Type and […]


SharePoint Tip #16. Do you know “how to get the SharePoint version programmatically”?

The administrative way of getting SharePoint version is navigating to “Central Administration > Operations > Servers in Farm”. But what if you need to get version programmatically?! It might be that your feature relies on the specific version, lets say SharePoint SP1 + Infrastructure Update installed, and you need to check version of the SharePoint […]

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