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The Services of the 2007 Microsoft Office System

In these days I”m working with OBA for SharePoint, and was looking through different materials, trying to find the necessary information. In one of the OBA books I stumble over the very interesting diagram, that I decided to post here. I found it really useful, because it categorize the services by logical view. This diagram […]

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SharePoint #Tip 38. Do you know “how to register a site template for a SITE”?!

SharePoint Site Template has one very handy feature – it can be registered inside a Site or you can restrict certain sites to use only certain templates. It’s obvious how to do this for site collection, because UI provides you specific links, but it’s a bit tricky to assign templates for a Site, so do […]


SharePoint Tip #13. Do you know “that people picker selects disable account by default”?

People Picker is a nice feature of SharePoint which allows search for a user/group when assigning permissions for example. But it has one issue, selecting accounts and groups which are “disabled” by default. To do this you need to apply LDAP filters via STSADM command stsadm -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter -url ">">http://<site> –pv (!userAccountControl=514) Source […]

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SharePoint Tip #2. Do you know “why OOTB Roles must be customized”?

SharePoint has predefined set of OOTB permissions level, such as: Full Control, Contributor, Designer, and etc. But those permissions not always provide you desired functionality – its either too wide or very narrow. Start out with a small set of users who have the fewest permissions possible, to avoid [Your_Headache = Number_of_Users X User_Permissions]  because […]