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SharePoint Governance Plan Template

Microsoft released the governance planning for SharePoint 2010 recently. The detailed information is published there The sample template for Governance Planning outlining is the following SECTION 1: General Governance Guidelines Governance Plan Objective Vision Statement General Guidelines Roles and Responsibilities Guiding Principles SECTION 2: Detailed Governance Policies and Standards Content Management Policies and Standards […]

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“SharePoint Solution Design” document template

I published several posts regarding document templates for the SharePoint projects previously, but they were related to the specific sections of the projects. Recently I had discussion with colleagues about the structure of “Solution Design” document and logical inconsistency we have seen all time. Almost each project you are starting should be based on the […]

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Sample of SharePoint Upgrade Action Plan

Today I was reviewing some of SharePoint Upgrade documents and researched this subject browsing for the available resources, when I found one quite interesting document that describes the installation and configuration steps. It was posted by Yasir Attiq originally (you can find the actual MPP file there) Posting the content here, because people are asking […]

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SharePoint 2007 “Meeting Workspace” template limitations

On one of the recent projects we built the monthly based reporting system. We provided users the freedom of choice of the reporting indicators, from the predefined list, and allowed them changing values of selected indicators. From the very beginning we couldn’t decide which template to use as a baseline for our project and considered […]

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SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Farm Migration. Phase 1 – Configuration Analysis

Introduction In the current series I’d like to describe how to analyse the SharePoint Farm and prepare it for the SharePoint 2010 migration. We will review the following 3 sections: Farm Architecture and Configuration Analysis (current) User and Group Analysis Farm Migration The first and the most important step in SharePoint 2007 –>SharePoint 2010 migration […]

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