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Business Intelligence–why do we need ETL and OLAP? Conceptual model

For these who start in Business Intelligence, such words as ETL and OLAP might be already known, but it’s quite hard to find really good description of WHY do we need these activities for Business Intelligence and what’s the conceptual process of building a BI system. Let’s review BI artefacts and their relation between each […]


PerformancePoint 2010 Features– what’s new and what’s gone

Release of SharePoint 2010 provides PerformancePoint as the Service Application for the SharePoint platform with the following new features: PPS object storage in SharePoint lists and libraries Filters as objects that can be shared across dashboards Calculated KPIs, which enable you to perform calculations from several different data sources Dynamic hierarchy support, which updates a […]

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How to select the right Key Performance Indicators

In these days I’m working on how Information Architecture is designed for the Dashboard/Scorecards solutions – what information artefacts are used and how they are organized. While skimmed different resources on this topic I found one interesting statement by David Parmenter, in his book “Key Performance Indicators:Developing,Implementing,and Using Winning KPIs” that I reckon is worth […]