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SharePoint Business Challenges

According SDPS ( the key business challenges of SharePoint are: Islands of information and applications Slow responsiveness to business and user needs Costly custom development and maintenance Poor sharing inside and outside the organization Difficult to find the right content, data, and people Increasing information management risk


SharePoint Governance Plan Template

Microsoft released the governance planning for SharePoint 2010 recently. The detailed information is published there The sample template for Governance Planning outlining is the following SECTION 1: General Governance Guidelines Governance Plan Objective Vision Statement General Guidelines Roles and Responsibilities Guiding Principles SECTION 2: Detailed Governance Policies and Standards Content Management Policies and Standards […]

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I have been renewed as SharePoint MVP!

Got good news today – I just have been re-awarded as SharePoint MVP again! Hurray!!! It”s my 6th year of holding this status (4 years as .NET/C# and 2 yeas as SharePoint MVP). I’m really happy that my passion about technology and influence to others is still recognized by community. Promising to keep this pace […]


SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight – lessons learned

In these days, I’m working on the several SharePoint projects where we utilize Silverlight for the better user experience. The decision was driven by the specific requirements and not by “taste to try something new” . In one project, we are using Silverlight to build Dashboard, in another, we are using SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) […]

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SharePoint Farm Design checklist

Recently found a checklist for the SharePoint Farm design template I described previously , which I reckon quite good to be used across my projects An infrastructure design to support your solution A detailed document that describes how you will implement the solution A plan for testing and validating the solution A site and solution […]

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How to select the right Key Performance Indicators

In these days I’m working on how Information Architecture is designed for the Dashboard/Scorecards solutions – what information artefacts are used and how they are organized. While skimmed different resources on this topic I found one interesting statement by David Parmenter, in his book “Key Performance Indicators:Developing,Implementing,and Using Winning KPIs” that I reckon is worth […]


“SharePoint Solution Design” document template

I published several posts regarding document templates for the SharePoint projects previously, but they were related to the specific sections of the projects. Recently I had discussion with colleagues about the structure of “Solution Design” document and logical inconsistency we have seen all time. Almost each project you are starting should be based on the […]

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Custom 403 Error Handing for SharePoint

Yesterday I was working on the custom error handing for the SharePoint. They wanted to provide the consistent look and feel for all errors that you can expect – from 301 to 500. It’s quite simple task and what you just need is to turn off custom errors in web.config and set customized error pages […]

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How SharePoint manages web.config via SPWebConfigModification

You probably will be very surprised to know that SharePoint 2007 doesn’t manage web.config via direct access to the actual file. The reason for this is that updating the web.config directly may not always work (you don’t have permissions, or file is locked, or context is not ready yet and etc) and you need a […]

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Sample of SharePoint Upgrade Action Plan

Today I was reviewing some of SharePoint Upgrade documents and researched this subject browsing for the available resources, when I found one quite interesting document that describes the installation and configuration steps. It was posted by Yasir Attiq originally (you can find the actual MPP file there) Posting the content here, because people are asking […]

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