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Connect to database directly without BDC

2011-01-24 08:39:19


SharePoint Tip #27. Do you know “How to make Web Part zone WCAG compliant”?

SharePoint provides you a nice ASP.NET model of Web Parts functionality. But when we are building the internet faced public sites and trying to apply Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) on Web Part Zones it come back and bite us. The major problem is that Web Part zone is not WCAG compliant. There are several […]

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Protected: Why Content Query Web Part (CQWP) doesn’t return all results.

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Deploying SharePoint Web Parts as a part of PageLayouts in MOSS 2007

Web Parts are an important and everywhere used part of SharePoint. Web Parts are documented pretty good and there are several sources describing as just ASP.NET WebParts (Darren Neimke book) and some resources about Web Parts in SharePoint as well. But in reality SharePoint WebPart specific stuff is not properly documented, and in this post […]

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Subclassing Content Query Web Part to override CAML query

The Content Query Web Part (CQWP) in MOSS is one of the popular out-of-the-box Publishing components which is used in content management sites, allowing you to get results from different sources. But sometimes out of the box functionality is not enough to meet your requirements, and you need to customize CQWP. There are several resources […]

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