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.NET Tips: Links

ASP.NET FAQ (rus) General .NET FAQs (rus) ASP.NET Cookie FAQ ASP.NET 2.0 Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas Quick tips for ASP.NET Truly Understandin View State .NET Garbage Collector PopQuiz Memory management in the .NET Framework Demystifying the .NET Global Assembly Cache Some Cool Tips for .NET Improving Managed Code Performance Base Class Library Performance Tips […]


.NET Tips: Debug

back to content INFO: “gc_heap::allocate_more_space” triggers a GC. >> “gc_thread_stub” which is the first function called on the GC threads. >> CPU utilization was listed under threadpool and stored in a variable by the framework, because it is one of the factors that determine whether or not we will be creating new threads >> The […]


MS bloggers in Australia

There is a list of bloggers from Australia MS


“Professional Presentation” course at AIM (Australian Institute of Management)

Today I”ve completed my 2 days learning course in AIM regarding professional presentation. Can”t tell that it was really useful for me. Maybe because I”ve already delivered 2 presentations and my expectations from learning “professional” stuff  are overrated a bit. What I expected to see on this course are: different type of your behaviour depending […]


“Please wait…” online control generation

Recently I was looking for the different controls to represent “wait” indicator on the web page, and found the great site , which allows you to generate number of different wait controls. You can view them online and download to use on your site. Updated: another collection is there Mirror: Please wait… online […]


VS 2008 RTM partly breaks Entity Framework

After moving to VS 2008 I”ve noted that Entity Framework Beta2 is partly broken. Even if you are able to build existed projects, creating one fails when you are trying to create “New Connection” to database. The is no solution for this issue right now, only configuring your connection manually. So, for those who are […]


MVP beer

Just found at local Australian shop beer for MVP guys :,,) If you are not MVP – using this beer is strongly prohibited 😉

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Nerd test

Damn, never thought that I may be such a nerd :,,)   And how nerdy you are? 🙂


Start blog mirroring

It”s my first post here. Firstly, a little bit about myself – name is Michael Nemtsev, but mostly know as "LaFlour" among my colleagues. Originally I”m from Poland, but was born and grew in Russia. Live and work in Australia (Sydney) as Consultant since recently. I”m MVP in .NET/C# for the last 2 sequence years. […]


Guidelines: For better Software Development

back to content  Main principles: >> Coding for Humans Design for the user scenarios Test Driven Development Continuous Integration Agile methodology Team code review Unit Tests: Four kinds of tests: unit, system, integration, acceptance Automate your test as much as possible on the dev-environment All UI development should follow the MPV pattern for ease of […]


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