Order Product Price Locking in CRM 2013

When I teach CRM classes, my daily rate is often tied to the number of student in the class. When I create an Order in CRM 2013 for a class, I use the pricing for the course in my Product Catalog. This pricing is based on the normal class size. If the actual registrations are more or less, I need to change the Order Product pricing.

On the Order form in the Products section Command Bar, you will see a padlock symbol. One would think, at least I did, that clicking on that padlock, which then swings open, would unlock pricing. However, if you look at Prices Locked in the Summary section, you will see that is says “No”.


If you click on the padlock, it will display an OPEN padlock. One, me , would think this would mean the prices were unlocked. Un-so as you’ll see in this screen shot. Prices Locked is now Yes.


Apparently that little padlock in the Products grid Command Bar represents the action that will be taken if it is clicked, not the current status.


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