BDD 2007 Beta 2 is now available for download

BDD 2007 Beta Updated for Windows Vista RC1

 Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007 Beta 2 is now available for download on Microsoft Connect. BDD 2007 provides end-to-end guidance and automation for large-scale deployment of Microsoft® Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Now Posting from Microsoft Office 2007!

Always playing catch-up to the competition, but the boys from Redmond eventually get there and many time surpass the competition’s efforts. Such is the case with Word 2007, which now supports Blogging among many, many, many other items. I'll be using this from time-to-time to see if I prefer it over some of the other WYSIWYG and offline editors. More to come…


Resume Updated…

From time to time in your professional career you try things. Sometimes you make good moves, sometimes you make mistakes. The difference maker is whether or not you learn from the experiences – both good and bad. Having moved from Austin, Texas earlier this year to assume a new role as Infrastructure Practice Principal for a Gold Partner in Seattle, I’ve come to realize just how much I loved being in Texas and frankly how hard of a transition this is for my loving wife. Realizing that this was probably not a good move for us, I’ve updated my resume and would welcome inquiries from any Texas-based firms – with special emphasis on those based in (or with a presence in) Austin.

You can view the updated resume from:

Thanks! Duncan

System Center Capacity Planner – Public Beta Launch

I am very pleased to announce the public Beta release of System Center Capacity Planner (SCCP).  This release marks the completion of application models of Exchange 2003 and MOM 2005.  It incorporates feedback received from previously released private Beta and the TAP airlift held in August.

SCCP Public Beta Capabilities

What scenarios will it solve:

Customers and System Integrators can create green-field deployment plans for Exchange 2003 and MOM 2005.  SCCP prescribes a System Architecture Model based on best practices, and explains the model in terms of topology, hardware configuration and software configuration.  Simulation is run on the System Architecture Model to provide rich reports on utilization and end-to-end latency.  A graphical editing surface allows customization of the model and experimentation with what-if scenarios to alleviate performance bottlenecks and improve end-user experience.  A hardware editor allows creation and customization of computer systems at the level of processor and storage devices.

What’s new in public Beta:

·         “Model complete” for both Exchange and MOM. Improved model accuracy and added more model validations, which will lead to better-configured scenarios that conform better to best practices.

·         System Architecture Model:  Prescribed model is more compliant with Exchange and MOM best practices and WSSRA. Usability enhancements allow specification of preferred hardware.  Automatic recommendation of storage and SAN configurations, minimum memory requirements, and sub-service mappings (workload allocations) to storage.

·         Model Editing capability integrated into topology surface to significantly improve usability.

·         Exporting to Excel and Visio

Beta Release Dates and Availability

ADMT v3 Released to Web!

Active Directory Migration Toolkit (ADMT) is the strategic offering from Microsoft that assists you in solving technical and business problems pertaining to restructuring of your Active Directory environments, as well as transitioning from NT4.0 to Active Directory. ADMTv3 enhances the rich feature set of v2 with a new backend database, support for simultaneous migration tasks, multiple ADMT consoles with delegation, agent enhancements, full object rename, and a host of other improvements.

Active Directory Migration Tool v3

The Designing and Deploying Directory Services Documentation

Community Scripting Center

You needed to accomplish a particular task, and you wanted to use a script. You checked the Script Center (always your first step of course). What? It’s not there? Okay, so then you searched the Internet. No luck. You sent email to the Scripting Guys to see if your question showed up in a Hey, Scripting Guy! article, and…Nothing. You looked everywhere, explored all avenues, and couldn’t find the script you were looking for. What did you do? After hours of hard work and research you figured it out for yourself.

Would you like to save your fellow scripters the time and trouble of figuring out how to script this same task? Are you so proud of your accomplishment you want to share it with the world? Then submit your script and have it posted for all to admire and use.

Check out the Community Scripting Center

(Note: this is a work in progress and due for ‘public release’ later this month.)

Potential MSN/AOL Merger in the Cards

Have the stars begun falling?

Has hell really frozen over?

Is the world as we know it coming to an end?


Could MSN and AOL really become America on MSN?


Being in the middle of Microsoft valley you tend to hear things on the street before they actually hit the mainstream media. Most of the time you take it with a grain of salt, but after hearing about a potential MSN/AOL merger a few days ago and now starting to see it actually hit the press, I think I’ll listen to those around me a little more closely.