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El bueno de Ezequiel Jadib me avisa del proyecto:


donde se pueden encontrar (y agregar en colaboraci贸n) controles para Windows Presentation Foundation. Una descripci贸n del proyecto:

Project Description

WPF Contrib is a community-developed library of controls and utilities for WPF.
The goal is to create a stable, reusable library of classes that you can (and should) use in every WPF application you build.
If you’re interested in contriburing, please contact aelija (via gmail) or using the CodePlex contact page.

What’s New

Initial check in contains:

Consultar la fuente original:


Seg煤n el autor del proyecto:

Set up at CodePlex, WPF Contrib is mainly a library of reusable components. My goal is for it to become a true community project. Meanwhile, I invite everyone to review the code, play with the demos and send me feedback! If you want to join, the doors are open. You only need to be a WPF expert 馃槢 and have motivation to innovate and share.

Nos leemos!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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