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El bueno de Arvindra Sehmi nos avisa del material publicado del último Strategic Architect Forum de Microsoft:

SAF 2007

Transcribo acá:

Day 1

Changing the World with Software and Services

Dr. Donald Ferguson (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Project Astoria: Data Services for the Web

Pablo Castro (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Anatomy of An S+S Application

Eugenio Pace (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Unified Communications: Breaking VoIP Barriers

Gurdeep Pall (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Composite Application Architectures Using the 2007 Office System

Scott Jamison (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

A Data-driven Approach To Distributed, Concurrent Software

George Chrysanthakopoulos (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]


Day 2

A Look Into Microsoft Research

Behrooz Chitsaz (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Claims-Based Identity Layer For The “New Internet”

Slava Kavsan (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

The Reality Of The Cloud And The Future Of The Datacenter

Debra Chrapaty (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Mining Lightning For The Cloud

John Dwyer (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

User Experience for Architects

Simon Guest (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Windows Live Platform: Making Better End User Experiences

David Dumler (Microsoft)
Angus Logan (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Duet: An Enterprise S+S Offering From Microsoft And SAP

Chris Keyser (Microsoft)
Burra Gopal (Microsoft)
Adi Kavaler (SAP)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Dynamic IT

Neil Leslie (Microsoft)
Barry Briggs (Microsoft)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]’s Simple Storage Service, Elastic Compute Cloud, and Simple Queue Service

Charlie Bell (Amazon)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]


Day 3

Lessons Learned from the Web’s Edge: MySpace

Aber Whitcomb (MySpace)
Jim Benedetto (MySpace)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]

Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead People Who Deliver Technology

Paul Glen (C2 Consulting)

[Video] . [Slides] . [Transcript]


Para lo que estoy estudiando y escribiendo, de Grid Computing, son para recomandar la presentación de Amazon, y la del bueno de George Chrysanthakopoulus, el creador del Concurrency and Coordination Runtime.

Vean la presencia de dos argentinos, Eugenio Pace, y Pablo Castro. Eugenio, ahora, luego de Patterns and Practices abocado a Software + Service. Pablo, luego de ADO.NET, ahora metido de lleno en el proyecto Astoria.

Tengo que leer sobre Microsoft Reseach, y otras transcripciones, todos temas interesantes. Muy bueno que tengan los videos y transcripciones disponibles.

Nos leemos!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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