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Aparece en Google esta nueva aplicación (supongo que la lanzarán con bombos y platillos el 1ro de Abril, una especie de “día de los inocentes” de esta gente de yanquilandia), el Brain Search for your phone


Algunas características de esta “aplicación”:

Make memory easier. Brain Search sifts through your memories so you don’t have to.

Increase speed of recall. CADIE’s neural network processes data faster than humans.

Protect your privacy. Because Brain Search acquires search queries through a psycho-neural matrix radiating 3cm beyond your brain, there’s no need to risk revealing anything to passerby by speaking aloud; just place the phone next to your forehead and think your query.

Medical advancement. Brain Search effectively eliminates “tip-of-the-tongue” syndrome, and alleviates memory loss symptoms due to ordinary aging.

Storage (coming soon). Brain Search currently is able to help only with the retrieval of existing memories. However, we expect memory storage to be available in the next release.

Note: Using Brain Search on another person without their permission violates our terms of service, any number of national, international and natural laws, and is just seriously uncool. Please don’t do it.

Es parte de otra “iniciativa” de Google:


Google Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

Gracias a @maraoz por los enlaces.

Nos leemos!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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