CloudCamp en Buenos Aires

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Se viene una Cloud Camp, creo que la primera en Buenos Aires:

CloudCamp Buenos Aires, Mayo 7, 2010

CloudCamp is an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a place where we can meet to share our experiences, challenges and solutions. At CloudCamp, you are encouraged to share your thoughts in several open discussions, as we strive for the advancement of Cloud Computing. End users, IT professionals and vendors are all encouraged to participate.

El organizador es el bueno de @MartinSalias. El lugar es @Southworks. Más info:

7 de Mayo 2010, 3:00pm – 7:15pm

Oficinas de Southworks

C. Peru, 375 – 1er piso
(esquina Belgrano)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Entrada Libre, Se servirá comida después del registro.

Who should come:
Developers and managers from Buenos Aires and surrounding cities who are working with or are interested in working with cloud computing technologies.

3:00pm Registration & Networking, Food
3:30pm Welcome, what is cloudCamp.

3:45pm Lightning Talks (5 minutes each)
Sponsored Talks TBD
Community Talks TBD
4:15pm Unpanel
4:45pm Organize the Unconference Sessions
5:00pm Unconference Session 1
5:45pm Food break and Networking
6:15pm Unconference Session 2
7:00pm Wrap-up Session
7:15pm Go out for drinks! (TBD)

Vean otras CloudCamp que se han organizado:

Uds. pueden organizar una en su ciudad, y anunciarla ahí.

Nos leemos!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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