Nov 09

Today, only time for a couple of quick notes:

  • types are now included into bridges by using the GenerateScriptTypeAttribute to include types in the client side (in the CTP, you”d use the <xmlinclude> element
  • i”m having problems when returning complex object back to the server to make a bridge method call (it looks like a conversion issue, which might be easily solved if the code called another method instead of the one it currently calls)
  • I still can”t use web parts and have drag-n-drop with an async postback in a simple demo page which provides authentication and web part management. this one is bad because i really really thought i”d be working by now…

tomorrow, there”s more!

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  1. Brian Donahue
    4:14 pm - 11-9-2006

    This sounds a lot like an issue we”re having. Feel free to contribute, or follow along our forum thread: