Dec 09

Well, it”s true that i still haven”t seen everything, but this must be the first time I see MS officialy state that UpdatePanels aren”t really that good when you want to build a slick efficient AJAX page. if you still think i”m wrong when i  say that you should only use UpdatePanels if you”re lazy or if you don”t have the time to “rebuild” your page, the watch this.

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  1. Thomas Wagner
    6:18 am - 12-11-2006

    Any specific section of the video? Its 75 minute I believe….

  2. Luis Abreu
    9:11 am - 12-11-2006


    well, if you watch the first 20 mins, you”ll see Jeff saying that updatepanels are good, but aren”t great if you really want to have a performant ajax web app (which is why i don”t like the updatepanel very much; i mean, it”s really cool to see that they”ve managed to build a control which “ajaxes” a page in seconds, but when you”re building ajax pages, you should really need to learn javascript and do most things on the client).