Jan 15

What does WF really give you?

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As you know, I”ve started taking a look at WF. Though in the last two weeks I”ve had to put it aside (and that will continue to happen until the next week is over), I must say that I”ve seen enough to give my opinion about it. So, what does it gives you?

no, no… that crap about sequential vs state machine workflows…forget it…  well, they”re not really crap, but they”re mere distractions that might turn your attention from the important stuff…I mean, what does it give you that? Want my opinion? So here”s what i think:

  • it gives me an easy way to decompose my program in small steps
  • these steps can be decoupled from the main thread (which is good for getting scallable solutions)
  • it lets me serialize my program when i want or when it”s idle (a process which is normally called passivation)
  • i can extend it easilly by creating new “types” of steps
  • oh, and yeah, the built-in steps (oops, I mean activities), look really cool too :,,)

Not to bad, right? what do you think about it?