Jan 24

In previous releases, AJAX extensions extended the validation controls introduced by ASP.NET in order for them  to work in the partial postback scenarios. In the final release, MS surprised everyone by announcing that they weren”t needed anymore and saying that we should remove the tagMapping section from the config file. I run one or two tests which worked and assumed that they must had changed something in the internals. well, it didn”t took long to start seeing several posts about validation problems with v1.0. I then found this post, by Matt Gibbs.

I”m not going to even try to understand this decision…it must be one of the worst calls I”ve ever seen! Saying that it was removed because the validators will be changed in the next version of ASP.NET and saying that keeping the validators in v1.0 of AJAX extensions would result in  redundance must be a joke. Lets see: if you had put the controls in the final release, my apps would work just fine! When the new version of System.Web was released (with the new validators), I would only need to remove the tagMappings section from the web.config file. With the approach that was taken by MS, I now have to download a project, compile it and add the tagMappings section I”ve already had removed from web.config. Oh, and “tomorrow”, when a new version of System.Web is out, I”ll just have to delete the dll from my app and remove the tagMapping entries from the web.config file.

Pure genius,I say!

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  1. Pedro Costa
    4:49 pm - 3-20-2007

    Hi, i”m using ajax 1.0 and after postback the validators desappear. i saw your post but the link to download the project for the dll is no longer available, can you post a new link?

    Pedro Costa,

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