Jan 25

Future bit: setting the score straight

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Today I”ve run a little experience after reading (and writting) some posts on this thread of the ASP.NET forums. Following Matt”s info, I”ve extracted the js files from the Preview dll and I”ve re-run my previous tests. Matt is almost right: they”ve really fixed all the bugs but one: the insidious ListView bug. I”d be happy to know why it”s still there…anyone?

Yesterday rantings and rumblings were replaced today with a nice feeling that everything is just as it should (I mean, almost: i still haven”t forgotten that ListView thingy!). I”m sure that the guys of the team will still “kill me in sight” but I”m not worried because I think I was right about complaining (after all, it”s not my fault that there”s been a sync problem between the embedded and the external js future files). Another reason why i”m not worried is that I do live far far far away from Redmon:,,)

I think it”s safe to say that all the other items I”ve mentioned are now solved. After all, you do listen. thanks!