Jan 31

Currently, it”s 20:30 (GMT) and I still don”t see any sign of either of these products: PowerShell for Vista and Office language pack for Portuguese. Any good excuses for failing on this items? I mean, if i”m not mistaken, PowerShell for Vista should debut till the end of this month (thinking about this, it”s strange that this great shell was released only for XP and Server 2003  – after all, it was part of Vista during several CTP releases) and there”s already a Portuguese-Brazil language pack. is it so hard to 1.,,) give us a release of PowerShell to vista (please, please, please!) and 2.) for the love of God, please put a Portuguese (for Portugal) office language pack!


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  1. Jason Hanford-Smith
    11:03 pm - 1-31-2007
  2. Susan
    2:17 am - 2-1-2007

    follow that feed and you”ll know when stuff is out.

  3. Luis Abreu
    10:01 am - 2-1-2007


    Susan: yes, I could do that. But i think that updating the main page of PowerShell is the way to go…