Jan 31

Some time ago, Rama gave us (users of the AJAX forums) a good tip: Using http://localhost.:12… or http://localhost./….  forces IE to use Fiddler to make the request! The problem is that IE7 is smart (in fact, maybe I should say that in this case, it”s behavior is really annoying) and even if you configure it to go through a proxy, it will always make a direct call if it detects a localhost call.

Before knowing this, I was forced to use firefox or to create a web app in IIS. This little trick will save me lots of time :,,)

btw, Rama has some cool posts on his blog (I say some because there”s only five posts there 🙁 ). Lets hope that he starts writing frequently!

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  1. Valio
    9:31 pm - 6-11-2007

    That”s cool, thanks mate!