Feb 12

When you install the code, you already have the option to say that you want to debug the server side code. Let”s say you didn”t choose that option: now what? how do you debug through the AJAX server side code? Well, you just need to change some settings in the Visual Studio IDE. After opening the IDE, choose:

Tools->Options->Debugging->Symbols and then add an entry on the Symbol file locations that points to the folder where the AJAX Extensions pdb file is.

After doing this, you just need to open the source file you”re interested in debugging and set a breakpoint in the palce you want the debugger to stop. and that”s it for 32 bits system. Unfortunately, I still haven”t been able to put this to work in vista 64 bits. If anyone has any clues, please let me know. thanks.

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  1. Sir Paul
    12:38 pm - 10-31-2008

    Is this possible anymore (cant find extensions.pdb file) anywhere?