Feb 12

Restarting Power-Shell

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After downloading and installing it in Vista, I”ve finally restarted learning it. A long time ago, I used this shell and really enjoyed it. Those that read the PT blog should remember the Monad series I”ve written at the time. Since I really don”t remember many of the things I used to know, I”ve thought that it would be a good idea to write something about it here. By doing this, I”ll keep reserving at least an hour each two days to try things out and then I”ll put some notes about it here.

So, what is PowerShell? In practise, I think it can be seen as a shell that lets you use .NET objects. This means that now you can do some cool stuff from the command line since all commands receive and return objects. Btw, commands are no longer called commands. This new shell introduced the notion of command-let (aka cmdlet). According to the docs, a cmdlet is a “simple, single-function command-line tool built into the shell”. In practise, you may end up writing several cmdlets to perform specific tasks.

it”s all for now. In the next post I”ll start writing some examples.