Apr 16

Book review: Applications = Code + Markup

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This is the last book written by Charles Petzold. Before proceeding, let me assure you one thing: Petzold is good, real good. No doubt about it. Now, the book review…well, I”m disapointed with it. I”ve been following Petzold”s work for a long  time. I”ve read at least 4 books written by him, so you can say that I”ve enjoyed his previous work. However, I don”t like this book. And why don”t I like it? well, for starters, it”s a bit boring. Too many words to explain WPF”s concepts, no cool graphics showing the results of the demo apps (which is really weird on a WPF book) and…too many guessings! What do I mean with “too many guessings”? well, there are several places where the author tries to guess how something (in WPF) is implemented or  gives his opinion on how he would do it. I”m not sure about you, but when I need to check the internals,i just open Reflector and see how it”s done. After all,we”re in 2007, right?

Would I recommend this book? hum…I”m sorry, but the answer is no. I”m giving it 5/10 because it”s a Petzold book (if I had read it without knowing the author”s name, i wouldn”t have been so “nice”).