Apr 23

One of the things that was removed from the final versions of ASP.NET AJAX was WCF web service support. Does anyone know if we”ll be having it on orcas? I”m asking because I”ve just started looking at Silverlight and there really isn”t any support for it there (as i was expecting)…

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  1. Israel Aece
    2:51 pm - 4-23-2007

    Hi Luis,

    All references that I found in a Google”s search, go to this link:, but it isn”t avaliable.

  2. Luis Abreu
    3:04 pm - 4-23-2007

    Hello Israel. I think those are the old docs…unfortunately, those features were removed during the final betas and rc versions 🙁

    I”m hoping that they add it again during the next version…which, btw, I don”t know when it”ll be releases

  3. Scottgu
    3:10 pm - 4-23-2007

    Hi Luis,

    The support for ASP.NET AJAX with WCF is in the “Orcas” release of ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX.

    Hope this helps,


  4. Luis Abreu
    5:35 pm - 4-23-2007

    Hello Scott!

    that”s great. btw, is it already there (ie, does the current beta already has WCF support)? thanks again.

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    9:41 am - 11-26-2007

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