May 07

If like me you”re into soccer and you love to see good games, you must surelly follow the FA league closely. I do. Even if you don”t follow it, there”s a good chance that you”ve heard about José Mourinho, the portuguese coach of Chelsea. In my opinion, he”s simply the best coach in the world (even though he might not win any major competition this year). In the last game, Chelsea conceeded and Man United are the new champs. This video speaks for itself!

it was filmed on the end of Arsenal 1 – Chelsea 1. That result ended Chelsea”s hope of renewing the English title (on the same week that they”ve said godbye to the UEFA champs league final dream, after loosing in penalties). Btw, they”ve managed to draw 1-1, playing the 2nd halp with less one player than Arsenal and they really did give the impression of being able to win the game.

Goinf back to the video, if that isn”t charisma that you can only find in “special ones”, then i really don”t know what charisma is…i”d say that if I were a soccer player, I”d definitly would like to work with him…

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  1. Manuel Abadia
    4:23 pm - 5-7-2007


    Unfortunately the link stopped working: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NetResult

  2. luisabreu
    9:39 pm - 5-7-2007

    hello Manuel.
    you”re right…and I can”find the video anywhere. damn…

  3. p3dro
    2:11 pm - 5-9-2007

    Now, there”s a coach I”d love to have again in my Benfica! 🙂 We had him there, but we sent him away …