May 19

Still about Petzold''s book

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It seems like Jeff”s post”s ripples haven”t stopped yet. Today, I”ve read Eric”s post on the subject. Even though he”s really a smart guy, I think that this time he”s wrong. According to his post, Petzold”s book will give you a deep understanding of WPF. Well, as I”ve said before, Pezold is good and there really is some content on his book.

In 2007, i think that it”s fair to say that UML class diagrams are a must if you want to show hierarchies. That doesn”t happened in Petzold”s book. Thorough concise writing is needed in modern technical books. Again, I don”t see that in his last book. Finaly,  I can”t say how much I agree with Matt”s coment:


A book can be full of “deep understanding”. But you can only gain that understanding if you are actually able to read the book.

I usually agree with you Eric but this is not so much about the technical content as much as it is about the writing style. Petzold”s other books were never like this. This one was very poorly written and is a really “yawner” even for those of us who seek deep understanding.”

And I still haven”t forgotten about Petzold”s guesses on how things are implemented internally as if there”s no Reflector