May 21

ASP.NET future bits: the Xaml server control

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In one word: needs improvements! If you use this control, you”ll be able to insert a Silverlight control in your page. As you might expect, the server control lets you parameterize several of the properties of the Silverlight control. However, it”ll generate an object or embedded tag (depends on the browser), which means that you”ll get that annoying rectangle with a message box that says that you must click to activate the control. Now, this is really a bad call since injecting javascript from the server on the page is really easy and would completly solve the problem (can anyone explain why hasn”t the silvetlight.js file been embedded in the dll so that the render of this control would only generate the div used as a container and inject the traditional createSilverlight method? sometimes, it looks like MS likes to complicate things).

btw, I”ve done some digging and I”ve found why MS added this “feature” to IE: guess what? it”s because of legal issues related with patents. It”s ironic, right?